About Us

Who we are

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Have you or your child ever visited major toy stores and felt that the variety of toys displayed are identical to another store you have visited a few days ago? Do you or your child yearn for toys that are different that will spark your child’s interest to play and will inspire them to learn more new things?

Children learn through playing. Playing with creative toys helps children develop their motor skills and an inquisitive mind. Children with strong motor skills and inquisitive mind are more creative, confident, expressive and patient.

Many studies have shown that excessive tablets or smartphone games hinder the holistic development of a child. Toys that encourage imaginative play are still the best partners for your child during their formative years.

Enjoy the range of toys we have put together from different parts of the world. Find something that will surprise your child and re-kindle his interest to play. Parents may also find something that will rediscover the “child” inside them. Strengthen your parent-child bond using our toys.

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Our Mission

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Our mission is to bring you toys that are different from what you can find in typical toy stores. Right here what is only missing is violent, hazardous and non-educational toys. We hope that every child playing with our toys grow into a genius child that is unique and second to none.

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Toy in Town History

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This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.