Nikitin (N1) – Pattern Cards (Without Cubes) – Extension Kit to Nikitin Pattern Cubes (N1)

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Extension Kit to Nikitin Pattern Cubes (N1)

Contains 60 original full-sized square pattern cards, on which the children can place the sample cubes. 60 templates with control grid (without cubes)

Helps to guide  very young children (< 5 years old) who needs assistance in playing Nikitin Pattern Cubes (N1)


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Product Description

Developed by Russian educationists Boris and Lena Nikitin. The Russian parents Boris and Lena Nikitin raised their seven children in believing firmly in the natural ability to learn and adjust to environments. They transformed their home into play and learning environments and developed highly intelligent learning materials – “Build Up Games”.

Nikitin Materials – Build Up Games, were designed to help children to reveal their abilities and develop their personalities, sense of perception and concentration training.An important aspect is gradual increase in diffuculty. Children progress from the simple to the harder each time, setting their own individual paces.

These materials are suitable for use by children as young as 3+ up to adulthood. They are used for some time with great success by large numbers of preschools and primary schools, and therapists. In Singapore, some of these sets are used in Shichida for left-right  brain training purposes.

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