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Smart Games – Angry Birds Under Construction

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Build a strong fortress and conquer the world!

Can you help the pigs to build a new fortress according to plan? Cover all pigs, except the ones shown in the challenge. Based on our award-winning game concept “Hide & Seek”, but much more challenging. Angry Birds unplugged! No batteries required, works on brain cells.

  • booklet with 48 challenges
  • teens and adults, ages 7 – 99
  • compact game with handy storage compartment



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SmartGames, the world-leader in fun, brain-building, single-player puzzle games. Smartgames are designed to play alone, but finding solutions together can also be great fun. there are already smartgames available for players from the age of 2, but there are also great smartgames that provide loads of fun for players from the age of 9. Most of the games can be played from the ages of 6 to 99, since the challenges are easy to start with, and then gradually become more difficult, so you can learn and grow while playing the games.


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