Smart Games – Camelot Jr

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A Romantic Challenge!

Arrange beautiful hardwood towers and stairs to create the path for a knight and his princess to be reunited! The knight and princess can only walk up stairways or along the top of walls. They cannot jump down or climb up walls.

Camelot Jr gives children and their (grand)parents hours of brain-challenging fun!

  • booklet with 48 surprising challenges
  • ages 4 – 9
  • durable, educational and fun!

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Product Description

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SmartGames, the world-leader in fun, brain-building, single-player puzzle games. Smartgames are designed to play alone, but finding solutions together can also be great fun. there are already smartgames available for players from the age of 2, but there are also great smartgames that provide loads of fun for players from the age of 9. Most of the games can be played from the ages of 6 to 99, since the challenges are easy to start with, and then gradually become more difficult, so you can learn and grow while playing the games.

How to Play ~

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Awards ~

Seal of Excellence 2008 (Canada): Protégez-Vous Magazine

Trophées Flip (catégorie enfance) 2008 (France)

Super trophées Flip (toutes catégories) 2008 (France)

ITSA Best Game Award 2009 (Australia)

Mam Dziecko (I Have A Child Magazine): Superproduct 2009 (Poland).jpg

Main Prize Winner “A child’s Friendly World” 2010, age 3-7 years (Poland):Dyplom.jpg

Practical preschool award 2011, Toys & Games age 3-5, Overall Winner (UK)

Best Toys and Games 2013 Holiday List (Toys are Tools USA)

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