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Smart Games – Tangoes Animals

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Travel Tangoes delivers all the Fun of traditional Tangrams in a compact form.

The Tangoes game everyone loves is now available on-the-go. These sets deliver all the fun of traditional Tangrams in a compact, magnetic form. The wire-bound puzzle booklets measure 6.5″ x 6.5″ and snap shut to store the seven magnetic tangram pieces provided. 24 puzzles are given in each book, and players solve the puzzles on the magnetic play surface included. Using the magnetic puzzle pieces, players fashion a variety of pictures including animals, objects, and people. The magnetic force is strong enough to keep pieces from falling off the board as children move them around. Colorful, interactive, and easy to take anywhere, these puzzle books will be a hit on the road or at home.

Based on the ancient Chinese Tangram puzzle, Tangoes products are a learning tool that combines artistic and mathematical elements to enhance visual perception ability, develop problem solving skills, creative thinking capacity and teamwork. The classic tangram forms a square. These 7 pieces can also form an infinite number of abstract designs, human figures, animals and everyday objects. The object of Tangoes products is to form the image on the card using all seven puzzle pieces.

From ages 5 to 105, all ages are delighted by the challenge of forming the puzzle presented with seven dynamic pieces.


  • Toy Winner – Best Products 2007
  • Creative Child 2007 Top Toy of the Year (Creative Travel Toys category)

Dr Toy 2007     Creative Child 2006 Top Toy of the Yea

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SmartGames, the world-leader in fun, brain-building, single-player puzzle games. Smartgames are designed to play alone, but finding solutions together can also be great fun. there are already smartgames available for players from the age of 2, but there are also great smartgames that provide loads of fun for players from the age of 9. Most of the games cane played from the ages of 6 to 99, since the challenges are easy to start with, and then gradually become more difficult, so you can learn and grow while playing the games



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